The disgraced owner of the Phoenix Suns and Mercury will make at least $2.5 billion off the sale of his teams. It makes sense to be a racist and misogynist.

The findings of the league's investigation into his franchise will allow him to recover the $10 million he lost when he was fined and suspended. He used the N-word at least five times, and there were instances of inequitable conduct toward female employees.

There were additional allegations against Sarver in a story that was published in November of 2020.

He talked about how his wife did oral sex on him.

They were in front of their coworkers.

The woman was asked if he owned her.

A black coach wants to know why a black player used a racial epithet.

He told a staff member that he needed to hire a black coach over a white one.

One of the Suns co-owners said that the level of sexism and racism was beyond the pale. As an owner, it's embarrassing.

When the team is sold, he will be able to make a lot of money because he owns 35 percent of the Suns and has the authority to sell to the highest bidder. When he all but confirmed the allegations against him with the language he used in his announcement about putting the team up for sale, it made things worse.

He wrote that he expected the commissioner's one-year suspension to allow him to focus, make amends and remove his personal controversy from the teams that he and so many fans love. It has become painfully clear that the things I have said in the past are more important than the things I have done. I am starting to seek buyers for the Suns and Mercury.

The team said that the work was a false narrative and that it showed a disregard for the truth. There were also denials from sarver.

The people in Arizona were singing differently less than a year later. The drama may be affecting the team.

Monty Williams said at Media Day that he was in disbelief. You start to think about how these things affect the people when you see the bullet points. The Suns lost their preseason opener to the 36ers after allowing them to shoot 24 for 43 from deep. It was the first time in two years that an NBA team lost a preseason game.

Someone lost their first preseason game after dealing with a racist owner.

Chris Paul has had to endure it all since the Los Angeles Clippers fell in their first three preseason games after dealing with DonaldSterling.

An appeals court upheld the $2 billion sale of the team in 2015, despite the fact that the league ignored decades-long evidence that the team's owner was a racist. The court denied the chance to regain the team from his wife, who was in charge at the time. Despite trying to buy herself from the man she married, the pair are still married.

As American as apple pie, profiting offracism is the same thing. RobertSarver is the new DonaldSterling in many ways.