There are small metal holes at the right side of the case that can be used to hold a lanyard. Apple doesn't give a lanyard with the AirPods Pro, and only sells one on its website and in stores.

On the same day as the new earbuds, the Incase Lanyard was launched, and it was designed to be compatible with the AirPods Pro. The lanyard has a thin gray strap that slides into the holes of the AirPods Pro.

It is a lanyard design that is used for all kinds of accessories, and you are probably familiar with it if you have a lanyard loop for your phone. At the end of the plastic clip, there is a longer, thicker gray braided loop that can be wrapped around the wrist or slung over a backpack.

I like to hide my AirPods Pro from view by attaching them to my backpack's inside zip. The Incase Lanyard can be attached to objects with the help of the clip and strap. It feels secure because the clip is tight. When I don't have a bag with me, I use the wrist strap to carry the AirPods Pro. The braided design is nice, but the all gray design is dull. The Incase Lanyard could use a better range of colors.

There is no mechanism that secures the case of the AirPods Pro if you use the Incase Lanyard. If the Pro 2 lid pops open, you could lose your AirPods.

It feels like a good length for use as a wrist strap, if a little long, because the lanyard measures in at 9.25 inches long. I tried to pull on both sides of the plastic clip, but it was difficult.

I have no complaints about the In case Lanyard. It seems like it will hold up for a while. It is not going to break the bank, but it is expensive. Since you can use any lanyard with the skinny loop design, you can buy multi-packs of lanyards for half the price on Amazon.

How to Buy

The Incase Lanyard can be purchased from the online store.