Delta Air Lines is considering an order for 20 Airbus A350-1000s, the largest aircraft that Airbus is currently producing, according to aviation watchdog JonNYC.

20 total seems to be the number

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A messy row between the airline and planemaker over the condition of the A350s led to the cancellation of the order. The aircraft manufacturer could be shopping those planes cheaply if Delta ordered such a thing. Delta is known as a tough negotiator and a bottom-feeder.

Though Delta recently placed an order for Boeing MAX 737s, the airline mostly buys Airbus and currently operates about 60 A330 and two dozen A350-900 widebodies, with another 20 of each on order

The largest plane in production is the A350-1000. In its densest form, it can seat up to 480 passengers, up from the previous maximum of 440. The Qantas ultra-long haul flights will use the A350-1000. Out of 150 aircraft ordered to date, 65 have been delivered.

It makes sense on dense routes like the U.S. and Europe when airports have capacity restrictions in place. Delta may be interested in a potential low acquisition cost.

first class seats

The first aircraft with Delta's new business class is the A350. Detroit and Atlanta are the first places the plane will go.

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Qantas is expected to announce its largest aircraft order ever, including the A350-1000 which will fly non-stop to both London and New York. There will be new seats on the planes. First class will live. Qantas will have something.

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