There is an interesting rumor swirling around if this ends up happening.

Delta reportedly interested in A350-1000

I thought it would be fun to talk about the rumor that I have heard as well. The Atlanta-based airline is said to be interested in acquiring 20 of the A350-1000s.

20 total seems to be the number

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The A350-900 is Delta's flagship aircraft. There are 24 of these in the airline's fleet, with another 20 on order, including the A350s Delta is acquiring from partner LATAM. The biggest version of the A350 is the A350-1000.

Delta has 18 of the A330-900neo in its fleet and has 20 more on order. Delta retired its fleet of Boeing 777s, which were the carrier's longest-range aircraft.

As the two companies are at war over the issues with the jet, the order for 19 A350-1000s was canceled by the airline. No new customers have been confirmed for 19 future A350-1000 deliveries.

Delta may be interested in picking up the jets. Air India is rumored to be considering picking up these planes.

19 A350s intended for Qatar Airways are now available

My take on Delta possibly getting A350-1000s

Delta has a history of buying jets very quickly. Delta is more focused on getting good deals on planes and maintaining them well than any other airline.

If the price is right, Delta should pick up some A350-1000s. Delta could easily fill A350-1000s on all kinds of routes if they went for a lower capacity long haul jet.

As we see a recovery in long haul travel, I think there will be demand for these planes in the future.

It is interesting to me that Delta mainly flies Boeing schoons to London. Even though London is one of the most competitive aviation markets in the world, Delta has the worst business class product. I assume Delta doesn't fly A330-900neos or A350-900s on these flights because they're needed for longer range missions.

It would make sense for Delta to fly A350-1000s on Atlanta, Detroit, and New York to Amsterdam, London, and Paris routes.

Delta could use a bigger plane than the A350-900

Bottom line

There is a rumor that Delta is interested in buying 20 A350-1000s. This is only a rumor at the moment and what avgeek doesn't like to talk about is things like this.

I think it's merit to this, since the A350-1000 order has just been canceled by the airline. It seems like Delta could use more wide body capacity, especially in markets where the Boeing 757 doesn't cut it.

Do you believe Delta will order A350-1000s?