Two young women celebrating one of their birthdays were attacked and robbed by a crew wearing neon green jumpsuits.

The young people were waiting for a train in Times Square. The victim's mother told the Daily News that the attackers were loud and obnoxious.

The woman who asked to remain anonymous said there were no words exchanged before. My daughter and her friend were standing on the platform laughing and talking. My daughter and her friend were hit by them.

The victims avoided the group and got into a different car, but the women dressed in alien-inspired getups followed after them.

The mother said that they leaped. They hurried my daughter's words. I wanted to know why. Did you make a statement? There would be a reason for what happened to her.

The women in green attacked each other as the altercation got worse.

The video shows the attackers kicking and punching the teens as one member of the group walked away.

The mother of the victim said that her daughter was about the same height as her friend.

Some of the women were three times their size, and my daughter is a tiny little girl. The mother said that they were big women.

At least four men were onboard the train when one of the look-alikes spun-kicked a victim into a chair and onto the floor.

Instead of calling for help, they video it. The mother said that she was so disturbed by the world she lived in that she had to leave. My daughter is getting beaten by people who are just standing there. Police might have gotten there quicker if someone called.

The crew stole items from their victims before taking off.

The victim's mother said that one of the women had a knife on her leg.

My child is here. It could have been really bad. She said that these people belonged in cages.

The teens were taken to a hospital after refusing medical attention.

The parent said that her daughter has a bruise on her shoulder. She was stomped on. Her stomach was kicked and she was bruised on her lower limbs.

She had a bruise on her face.

Her own daughter spent the weekend in a hospital as she was treated for a concussion after returning from a south Florida university.

The mother said she couldn't put her on a flight until she knew there wasn't bleeding on the brain.

Most of the attackers were wearing green masks and police are still looking for them.

The detectives said they had seen the attackers' social media pages.

She accused them of being dressed in green in the middle of Times Square and committing a heinous crime. They deserve whatever comes.

The mother said city and state officials should be aware of the situation.

She said that Mayor Adams and Gov. Hochul needed to do something. It's how you get fame and glory that everyone is watching. There are grown women in costumes beating on two teenaged girls and they are all over the internet. They have the chance to make an example of themselves and bring New York back.