Three weeks ago, the public was able to download the newest version of Apple's mobile operating system with a variety of new features. More new features will be added to the iPad and iPhone in the coming months.

There are 10 new features coming to the iPad and the iPhone later this year. Some of the features are not expected until later in the year, but many of them are part of the current version of the operating system.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

It will be easier for you to share photos with your family and friends with the help of the iCloud shared photo library. You and up to five other people will be able to add, edit, or remove photos in a shared library.

The launch of the shared photo library was delayed.

Live Activities for Third-Party Apps

Live Activities will be added to third-party apps in the app store. The Lock Screen can be used to stay up to date on real-time events, such as a sports game or a food delivery order.

There are live activities at the bottom of the Lock Screen on the iPhone 13 models and earlier. Live Activities can be found on the Dynamic Island when the device is unlocked or on the Lock Screen when the device is locked.

Developers will be able to submit Live Activities to the App Store once the release candidate is out.

In addition to the MLB for users in the U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea, the feature will also be supported in the Apple TV app.

Emergency SOS via Satellite

The Emergency SOS via Satellite feature will be available in the US and Canada in November.

Emergency SOS via Satellite allows users to send text messages to emergency services when there is no cellular or wi-fi coverage. When the service launches in the US and Canada, Apple says it will be free for the first two years, which could mean that Apple will charge for the service in the future.

It can take 15 seconds to send a message via satellite, but it can take over a minute for a message to be sent under trees.

Apple Music Classical

Apple acquired Primephonic in August of 2021. Primephonic's user interface and additional features will be combined with a dedicated classical music app from Apple.

Specific details and an exact release date for the Apple Music Classical app are not known at this time.

Clean Energy Charging

The Clean Energy Charging feature in the newest version of Apple's mobile operating system aims to decrease the carbon footprint of the iPhone by adjusting charging times for cleaner energy sources. Only the US has the feature.

Apple Fitness+ Without an Apple Watch

Without an Apple watch, Apple Fitness+ will be available on the iPhone. Real-time metrics like heart rate and calories burned during a workout can't be seen on the phone without an Apple watch.

Apple Fitness+ has a library of over 3000 workout and meditation videos. The service is available in 21 countries, with the U.S. being the only country where it is not free.


Apple will be releasing a new app called Freeform later this year. The app is described as a flexible canvas that will allow users to see, share, and collaborate all in one place without having to worry about page sizes or layout.

Users will be able to start a session from the app and see updates from other people.

Matter Accessories in Home App

Matter is an upcoming standard that will allow compatible smart home accessories to work together on multiple platforms. Apple says Matter support will be added to the Home app later this year.

If you want to control Matter accessories with the Home app, you'll need an Apple TV, Apple TV 4K, or Apple TV HD.

Battery Percentage Icon for More iPhones

The battery percentage was visible in the status bar for the first time on the new iPhones with a notch. The optional feature is going to be expanded to the iPhone 11 and the 13 mini.

Stage Manager for More iPad Pros

Stage Manager will be expanded to iPad Pro models with A12X and A12Z chips in the next two years.

Stage Manager will only allow four apps on the built-in display on older iPad Pro models. Stage Manager on iPad Pro and iPad Air models with the M1 chip will be re- implemented in a software update later this year.