In Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, the social network announced on Monday that it is rolling out the ability to change a user's account information. Blue subscribers in the U.S. will soon be able to use the edit button.

For the first 30 minutes after posting, blue subscribers in these countries can make changes to their account. Users can only change their account five times. It is possible that these limits were put in place to stop people from abusing the feature by changing content drastically while still giving users enough time to correct typos.

The time stamp on the edit will show when it was done. There is a way for people to see the edit history of a message. When you scroll through your feed, you will see a pencil icon next to the edited tweet to show other people that it has been changed.

The number of edits available to users in the approved time frame could change according to the company. The social network said it was introducing the feature to paid users first so that it could fine tune the edit button's function. It is not surprising that the company wants to test the feature with a small group of people first. The limited release allows for additional safeguards to be put in place, as it will give them time to do so.

The company said in a post last month that they were hoping to make it easier and more accessible for people to communicate with one another on the social networking site.


this is a test to make sure the edit button works, we’ll let you know how it goes

— Twitter Blue (@TwitterBlue) September 29, 2022

The official launch of the edit button came a month after it was promised. The company has been testing the feature on its own accounts.

Currently, the subscription plan is only available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US.

Twitter is finally rolling out an edit button later this month, first to Twitter Blue subscribers