There is a new collaboration between the two companies. It doesn't do anything for me personally, but it will be appreciated by others.

Pelotons coming to all US Hilton hotels

The partnership is being referred to as an industry first. All of the 5,400 properties in the US that are part of theHilton brand will be getting bikes by the end of the year. There will be at least one bike for every hotel.

This will provide guests with a moreholistic wellbeing experience, including access to the world-class instructors at Peloton. According to a recent survey, 98% of respondents prioritize health and well-being while on the road, while 90% prefer to stay at a hotel with a bike.

There will be access to a Peloton App trial for members of theHiltonHonors program. The 90-day trial subscription to the Peloton App is available to US-based members of theHiltonHonors. Thousands of live and on-demand classes are available.

Peloton bikes are coming to all US Hilton properties

I love this kind of consistency in the hotel industry

I enjoy working out, but I don't use Peloton so this doesn't do anything for me. I really appreciate this development from the hotel chain. One of the things I dislike about the global hotel chains is how little consistency they offer.

There isn't much consistency between hotels of the same brand. Look at the hotel gym as an example. The equipment at the gym is vastly different for hotels in the same group. The existence of at least one Peloton per property will be a consistent feature of the property gym.

It is great to be able to check into a hotel and know that you are getting something. This is the only thing that will be consistent across all of the hotels. The same things would happen with club lounges, elite recognition, and availability of coffee.

It is easy to understand the logic here. I think that Hilton is paying a lot less for these bikes than Peloton is doing. Following this news, the stock of Peloton is up a lot.

Hilton hotel gyms now have some consistency

Bottom line

All of the properties in the United States that are part of theHilton brand will get a Peloton by the end of the year. Consistency is important for people who are into Peloton. You did a great job, Hilton!

If only we could see consistency in other aspects of the hotel experience.

Will this development affect what hotel you choose to stay at?