Bassitt confounds. Has rough outting vs. Braves

It will be recorded as a Mets-ian fortune in history. On the last weekend of the season, the Mets could win 100 games. The Mets were 10 games ahead of the Braves. A Mets team that only had to win one game of three in White Flight County, which would have given them the season tiebreaker and only needing a couple wins against the Nationals at home to round out the season and skip the Wild-Card Round, wouldn't have made the playoffs.

The Braves have played at a 114-win pace for the past four months and have been unstoppable. The Mets have done a good job of holding the Braves off this long, considering the rate and amount of wins they've racked up. In the wake of Atlanta's demise, any other team would have been wiped out.

It won't be remembered like that because it's the Mets. These things just happen to the Queens Siders. It's still the Mets' aura even when it isn't their fault. When the Mets have it lined up the way they want it, they have it lined up to win all of their games.

The Mets went into Georgia with four players in a row. There is a dropoff after that. The goal of this series against the Braves was to get out of it without having to go through the Wild-Card Round so that they can get to the NLCS again. Baseball is like God in that it's not always in line with your plans.

deGrom wasn't bad on Friday, but he wasn't as good as he could have been. The Mets'Relievers weren't up to the job as well. The pitcher didn't get out of the sixth and gave up four runs. Bassitt didn't see the last one.

The Braves held the Mets to just six runs over the three games and didn't need any of their starting pitchers to get six outs. The Braves hit seven homers and the Mets only hit three. In homers, the Braves are second in the league. The Mets are playing. The playoffs require offenses to strike quickly. It's even more difficult to string hits off the best staff. The Braves are made for it. The Mets aren't The Mets don't score a lot of runs by striking out. In this series, they didn't strike out a lot, but it wasn't enough. The Braves were able to get an out when they needed it.

The Mets will have to burn out at least two of their best pitchers against the Padres in order to make the playoffs. The Padres don't hit a lot of homers, but you wouldn't choose to have to navigate Yu Darvish, Joe Musgrove, and the rest if you didn't have to. The state will leave the Mets in when they have to see Los Angeles because they don't want to wait around for either the Brewers or the Cards. The Mets didn't really think about needing to walk until recently.

The Mets will be burned in the future by the playoffs. geography is undone by them. They would have celebrated Father's Day in New York. Thankfully, New York is not in Indiana, which would be great for that state.

This team is dirty by the playoffs and will make more noise than most. Because they are the Mets, and no matter how right they get things, something wrong is never too far away, ready to leap out from some corner with pie in hand.

Real Salt Lake misses the mark

I don't try to get back into the phase again. This sequence from Real Salt Lake may live with them all winter. There was a confluence of balloon-handedness and contrive not scoring a winner.

Is it true that RSL really needed those two points? They would be in a playoff spot with them. They need to beat Portland. It isn't exclusive to the other teams.