According to CEO Tim Cook, people with certain qualities are more likely to get a job at Apple.

Cook told students at the University of Naples that it was important for them to care about the world around them when they joined his company.

He said that there was a group of people in the company that wanted to leave the world better off. I have seen it happen many times and the results are just unbelievable.

He revealed that Apple likes four characteristics in particular in new hires.


Cook told the audience in Naples that anyone hoping to work at Apple needed to be able to collaborate with their colleagues.

Strong individual contributors are important, but two strong individuals that work together can do amazing work.

The ability to collaborate with people is a fundamental feeling that if I share my idea with you it will grow and be better.

Cook said that collaborative processes were to blame for Apple's ability to create new products.

He said that it wasn't a matter of someone going in a corner and figuring out something about themselves.


Cook said that Apple looks for creativity in employees.

He told students that they should look for people who think differently and not be caught up in the way that the problem has always been seen. We look for someone who will walk around the problem and look at it from a variety of angles to come up with a solution.


Cook said that there were no dumb questions and that Apple sought out people who were curious.

He said that curiosity is about being curious about something to ask a lot of questions. When someone starts to ask questions as a kid, it puts a lot of pressure on them to think through the answers. We look for this curiosity in people.


Cook said that Apple wanted people with expertise.

He said that if we are doing something in industrial design, we need someone that knows industrial design and has a skillset in it from their college days or their work days.

Cook said that the company would continue to hire people with these characteristics because they had gone on to be successful.

He said that those are the things that they look for in people.

He said that working in a job that left you unfulfilled was not a recipe for success and that doing well at work was a two way street.

He said that people have to work for something bigger than themselves. It's important to have a vision for a company that serves the customer and improves their lives. You would like to do it ethically.

He said that no amount of money would make a job worth doing.

He said that there was no pull from that and that the pull was always what you were doing for others. It is amazing what people will do from a work perspective.

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