Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks most people don't know what the metaverse is and can't define it.

Cook told Dutch publication Bright that it is important that people understand what they are talking about. The average person doesn't know what the metaverse is. Cook isn't ready to say that Apple is working towards a "metaverse."

The Facebook founder has a different opinion. The Meta CEO told his employees that the company is competing with Apple to build the metaverse. "This is a competition of philosophy and ideas, where they believe that by doing everything themselves and tightly integrating that they build a better consumer experience."

The average person doesn't know what the metaverse is.

Cook doesn't think people will want to spend a lot of time in virtual reality. It is possible to immerse yourself in virtual reality. That can be used well. He told Bright that he didn't think he wanted to live that way. It is not a good way to communicate.

Cook is the latest high profile CEO to question the validity of the metaverse. If you asked a room of people to define it, all their definitions would be completely different. If he asked a few hundred people what they thought the metaverse was, he would get 205 different answers.

Apple, Amazon, and Snap are all said to be investing in the same technology that Meta thinks will one day power its metaverse future. Cook is a big supporter of augmented reality and Apple could announce a combination augmented reality/ virtual reality headset as early as 2023, as well as the first pair of augmented reality glasses that were limited to a small group of people. Several augmented reality applications have been released by Amazon over the years.

Several virtual reality headsets have been released by Meta. The first pair of augmented reality glasses will only be available to developers at first, according to reports.