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On the day after the Los Angeles Lakers ended their season, Russell Westbrook was asked about the team's desire to let Russ be Russ.

"That wasn't true," he said bluntly during his exit interview.

With the first week of training camp out of the way, the approach has been changed.

James and Davis are also given the power to get theirs. You don't have to worry about stepping on each other's toes if there's a play to make.

In front of about 200 reservation residents invited as guests, Davis said the biggest thing was everyone trying to be selfish. Russ, you get it. You get it,Bron. The person is whoever. That has helped all of us.

Injuries limited the trio to 21 games last year. L.A., which was the odds-on favorite to win the title, did not fare well in those games.

Davis said that they want to pass and do things for their teammates, but at the same time they need to get going. Whoever gets it, we want to be aggressive because it will open up the floor for everyone else.

The ball gets lost around the perimeter or we're going against the shot clock when we're all trying to be selfish. It opens up the floor when someone is aggressive and Russ is going downhill. They can kick it out to the shooters because of their aggressiveness.

The preferred starting five during camp have been James, Davis, Westbrook, Nunn and Jones. He is trying to maximize the potential of the three max players.

"We have a three-man package that they're going to thrive in and it involves all three of them." I'm looking forward to that being at a very high level. There are different things they can do with it.

I have faith in all three of them.

The Lakers scrimmaged Saturday, and in the portion that was open for reporters to observe, both James and Westbrook dribbled into the lane, with the four-out, one-in system provided spacing for the pair to find driving angles.

Two of the most elite athletes in our league can both handle the ball and attack the paint at a high level.

He will try out different lineups before the season starts. Walker went through a full contact practice for the first time on Saturday. He is limited because of his back. Dennis Schroder, who missed all of camp due to a visa issue, is expected to join the team as soon as this week in Las Vegas.

Regardless of who they are grouped with, James, Davis and Westbrook will factor into the team's plans.

Ham said he was looking forward to it. We can mix and match some of the pieces that we have. It's going to be enjoyable.