Tim Cook talked about the importance of teaching coding in school in an interview with Bright.

Cook believes that coding should be taught in elementary school and that everyone should learn programming before graduating high school.

He said that it was the most important language to learn. A programming language is a way to tap into your creativity, even though your native language is more important.

CNBC reported in 2019: "Cook has promoted incorporating programming into early education curriculum for years now, arguing that it's a 'core skill' just like mathematics and history."

Over 500 business leaders joined the CEO in calling on the US government to include computer science courses in the K-12 curriculum.

—Tim Cook (@tim_cook) July 12, 2022

Only 5% of high school students in the United States study computer science. What is acceptable? The internet, the phone, and the computer were invented by us. The letter states that it is our responsibility to prepare the next generation for the American dream.

A shortage of 1.2 million software engineers is predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median annual pay for a software developer in the US was $109,020 in 2011.

Some students applying to programming roles with untraditional education and career background are still struggling to find a job.

Sophia told Insider last year that she was rejected 358 times before getting an entry level position in the tech industry.

"I know there are shortages all over the place," he said. There are a lot of people looking for the same job. I'm not sure why it hasn't balanced out yet.