There is a city in Virginia called Norfolk. After years of delays and problems with its new technology, the U.S. Navy is about to deploy its most advanced aircraft carrier.

The Gerald R. Ford will leave the world's largest Navy base in Norfolk, Virginia, on Monday. Ships from France, Germany and Sweden will join the carrier strike group in the Atlantic Ocean for various exercises.

The Atlantic is an area of strategic interest. We want to contribute to a peaceful, stable and conflict-free Atlantic region through the combined naval power of our Allies and partners.

The 2nd Fleet is in charge of American warships as they deploy between the U.S. East Coast and the Barents Sea. Since the end of the Cold War, the US has focused more on the North Atlantic.

Seven months have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. Western countries, including the U.S., have provided weapons to the Ukrainians. Russian President Putin threatened last week to send more troops into battle and possibly use nuclear weapons to stop the Ukrainians from regaining control of Moscow-occupied areas.

Bradley Martin told The Associated Press that next week's exercises will show American military capabilities and support for NATO. There are concerns about Russia.

Martin, a retired Navy captain, said that Russia would have to deal with an array of forces if they went beyond Ukraine.

The ability of the US to dispatch warplanes around the world is demonstrated by the American aircraft carriers. He said it is still part of a larger display of the nation's military might despite the troubles of the ship.

The nation's most expensive ship is the first of the Navy's new Ford class. They are designed to carry more planes and operate with less sailors. The system they use to launch planes is supposed to increase flights by a third.

Five years after it was commissioned, the Ford deploys. Problems with the launch system and elevators that bring missiles and bombs to jets on the flight deck are some of the issues that have beenset.

The Navystruggled to meet promises it made to defense oversight committees to complete, test and certify the weapons elevators. The 11th and final weapons elevator was certified in December, according to the Navy.

Donald Trump told Time magazine that the Navy should switch to steam for launching planes because it costs more and is not good.

The admiral said that the Ford had successfully conducted over 10,000 catapults and carrier landings.

The system is not yet capable of launching planes at the higher rate that was designed, according to Martin. It will likely take a long time for the first in a new class of carriers to do so.

The aircraft carrier strike groups are still part of the Navy's power projection. The lead ship in a new class has had some issues.