Gore has never hit a home run in his eight seasons in the majors. He has one hit. He leads baseball in World Series rings.

Gore is tied with Madison Bumgarner for the most rings among active players in the majors. The journeyman pinch-runner is hoping to add to his collection with a lofty goal in mind.

Gore is attempting to catch Tom Brady. I like my chances.

Gore, who is known only to the most die-hard baseball fans, is nearly halfway to Brady's seven rings as a future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Francisco Lindor wishes he had more World Series rings. I'm a bit jealous.

Gore hasn't played in a World Series game. Gore has put together one of the most unique careers in sports history, a playoff base stealer for hire, often added to rosters in late September or October as one of the game's fastest runners. He has been a key contributor but hasn't appeared in the Fall Classic.

Gore became a member of the Mets in June. Gore has stolen three bases and not been caught in eight games.

When Gore goes out there, everyone knows what he's doing. It is similar to cat and mouse. We're here. There's nothing to hide.

He was almost done with baseball before good luck came.

Gore wasn't happy with his progress. Gore imagined a career like Juan Pierre's when he was a child. In his fourth year in the Royals organization, he wasn't making much of a mark as an everyday player, hitting.218/.284/.258 with no home runs and 36 stolen bases in 89 games. As he struggled in professional baseball, his ambitions shrunk and he dreamed of making a living in the minor leagues.

Gore contemplated hanging up his spikes with a child on the way.

Gore did not have a plan. I knew I had to do everything I could to help the family.

Gore didn't think he could get to the big leagues. His window was closing because he wasn't developing as an all-around player. Gore talked to his agent, Jay Witasik, about quitting the sport.

Gore got dinner with Mike Sweeney, who was working with the team as a special assistant. Gore's plan to leave baseball was pushed back by Sweeney, who urged Gore to stick with it for another year.

Gore got the call to join the Triple-A Omaha Chasers in August, where the Royals wanted him to pinch run and steal bases. Gore was supposed to be a pinch runner for the team in the playoffs.

Gore said he had no idea. I did it because I was good at it.

Gore was pinch running for the Royals just 26 days after his last game in Single-A when he made his major league debut.

"He was shot out of a cannon every time he took off," says Kuntz, who was the Royals' first baseman. The guys in the Hall of Fame with that kind of speed are what I grew up with.

Gore, a young baseball player who almost quit the game, was helped by players like Perez, Dyson, Hosmer, and others.

Gore was praying that he wouldn't fall in the middle of the base path. "I am notorious for tripping and I have come very close to stumbling, so I was like, do not do this on TV."

The Royals didn't win the World Series in 2015, but they did raise the trophy that year. Gore stole a base in the ALCS against the Astros after spending most of the season in Double-A. Gore blacked out from the pressure in his first two playoff games. The thrill of success in the majors made him hooked.

There was no retreat. It's almost like a shark once you've tasted it. You get the taste of blood and you want to continue.

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After accepting his role as a premier pinch runner, GORE shifted his training strategy to focus on improving his speed through sprints and flexibility while working on reading pitchers on the mound. It's possible that the only comparable career in MLB history is that ofHerb Washington, a four-time All-American sprinter at Michigan State who played two years for the Oakland A's and stole 31 bases. Gore's legs alone gave him his first World Series ring, and leaning all the way in like Washington seemed his best course of action.

Gore said he was going to ride the wave. I want to see where it takes me.

Gore stole a base and scored a run in a Cubs loss to the Colorado Rockies in the wild-card game after he was traded from the Royals. He returned to the Royals in the middle of the season, playing 37 games and hitting.362 with 13 stolen bases before being sent to the Yankees.

Gore signed with the Dodgers ahead of the 2020 season and appeared in two regular-season games before being added to the roster for the playoffs. Gore hasn't appeared in any games, but Roberts said it would be costly to not have him on the playoffs. Gore received his second championship ring when the Dodgers won the World Series.

The son of a RedSox player is playing for a baseball team. There is a person named Joon Lee.

Gore wasn't called up by the Braves during the regular season in 2020. Gore made one appearance as a pinch runner for the Braves. Gore received his third championship ring when the Braves won the World Series.

Gore and Witasik decided not to sign with a team until halfway through the season after seeing how teams used him. Gore was able to gauge which teams had a chance at making the playoffs and where he could make the biggest impact. The teams that were interested in his speed in February would be the same teams that were interested in his speed in June.

The player gets the deal and develops throughout the season. He's not that guy with Terrance. He is a once-in-a-generation type guy with his speed and skills.

Gore knows he's going to be called onto the basepaths in key situations when he takes the field. To prepare for these moments, he reads scouting reports that break down the pickoff moves and windup timing for each pitcher on the opposing team, studying video of how they hold runners up.

I'm embracing it now. I have three World Series rings so why not keep going and see how far I can go?

With another ring on the line this October, he's feeling pretty ambitious, even though he won't have as many as Tom Brady. He would win a fourth ring and his third in a row.

Gore wants to be put in the Hall of Fame.