I've been an Apple customer for a long time. Since I switched to the iPhone 4S, I have bought every single one.

Every year this has been the case. The day after the release of the phone, I bought it in Silver. I was able to get $640 back by trading in my phone, but I had to pay $780.

There are no big surprises to be found, apart from the "Dynamic Island", after playing with my new toy for a few weeks. That's Apple's fancy name for the dead space between the selfie camera and Face ID sensor now used to consolidate your notifications, alerts, and activities into one interactive place.

Antonio Villas-Boas can tell you all about the technical aspects of Apple's products, so I will focus on what it has been like to use.

Steve Jobs' daughter was right

Eve Jobs, the daughter of Steve Jobs, was correct when she posted a meme that joked about the similarities between the previous model and the new one.

While showing a man holding up a shirt identical to the one he's wearing, it says "MeUpgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple's announcement today."

I'm disappointed that there isn't more to the new software features in the newer series of phones.

I was very excited to see the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max go fullscreen.

The Dynamic Island feature is very cool. When you listen to music, you can press it and it will take you back to the application. It could have been better utilized.

The difference between the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Dynamic Island is not worth the upgrade. Maybe the phone has gotten as good as it will get.

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro.
Dynamic Island uses the space at the top of the screen to display notifications, song titles and other information.


I always find excuses to justify spending hundreds on a new phone, including using it for work, documenting trips, and ensuring the battery lasts all day. That is nonsense.

The iPhone 8 could do the job even back in the day. It's nothing more than a way to brag to your friends when you have the latest mobile phone.

Tim Cook told someone who asked if Apple would adopt the RCS app that it would make it easier for his mom to see the videos he's sending her.

Cook thinks everyone should own an Apple product, even if it's just an Apple phone. I own all of those devices.

I have always said that I don't think I could change from an Apple device to a different one, but a lot of people have done that. Maybe I should take an iPad holiday as well.