Everyone was surprised by the first prototype of the first Optimus robot. There was a preview of robotic hands forming a heart shape in the announcement of the event, but theTesla bot has been kept completely under wraps for over a year.

The prototype is roughly the same in size as a human. The short amount of time that was spent on the prototype was impressive.

An early, tethered version of the Optimus prototype could deliver a box to a desk.

TheTeslaBot had the ability to wave to the audience and did a conservative dance. In the video, theTeslaBot is shown picking up a box and delivering it to a desk where people are sitting. A metal bar and a watering can can be identified by it.

A refined-looking version of the Optimus robot was shown by the company. The model was mounted on a stand and moved its limbs to show off its capabilities. The price of theTeslaBot could be under $20,000.

It has only been a year since the announcement of the delivery of a humanoid robot, which is incredibly complex. Since it uses the same vision-based technology as self-driving cars, theTeslaBot has a headstart on navigation. Musk has said many times that the robotics program designed for the factories makes it one of the most advanced in the world.

Several years of research by Boston Dynamics saw a progression through dog-like robots before attempting a two-legged robot that can dance and perform a bit of parkour. It isn't meant for the average consumer.

Tesla's Optimus robot has progressed through three stages of development.

The work of a serious robotics team can be seen in the prototype of the Optimus robot.

The engineers at the presentation went into extreme detail on the capabilities such as the joint actuators and evolution of theTeslaBot's ability to walk.

It was shown how much work has been done to make a small, general-purpose robot that could be used to fill in for a human. There is some exciting potential for Optimus as it develops.

There is a recommended video.

The price for a bottle of Musk'sTeslaquila is $250.

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