The letters were exchanged between Kim and Trump.

The Korean-American Club published 27 personal letters exchanged between Kim and Trump in the latest issue of The Korus Journal.

Kim wrote a letter six weeks before he met Trump to say he was ready to work with him.

Trump said he was happy to meet Kim to improve relations between their governments.

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55 U.S. troops who died during the Korean War were returned to their families.

The letter was signed by Trump and thanked him for keeping his promise to begin the repatriation process. I hope to see you soon.

The one-year anniversary of their historic meeting in Singapore was mentioned in Kim's letter to Trump.

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Trump said he and Kim had a special friendship.

According to the Korus Journal report, Kim sent two letters in September of last year, in which he indicated his desire to talk to Trump about a potential denuclearization of North Korea.

Kim noted that Moon's interest is not worth it.

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Kim said that the military actions of your side and the South Korean military threaten our safety. No change can be anticipated until these elements are eliminated.

Three months after their first meeting in Singapore, Kim sent a letter to Trump. There was increased pressure on North Korea to begin negotiations.

The North Korean leader received 11 letters from the Trump. Bob Woodward quotes from the letters in his book.

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According to the book, the letters indicated a "diplomatic courting" that led to Trump meeting with a North Korean leader. The messages were filled with statements of personal fealty that might be uttered by the Knights of the Round Table.

After their second summit in Vietnam, the two leaders stopped exchanging letters. In his last letter to Trump, Kim said that North Korea had not gotten anything from the US.

Kim wrote that it was hard for him and his people to understand the decision and behavior of South Korean authorities.

Kim was upset by the war exercises conducted by the US and South Korea.

Kim said that the South Korean armed forces are no match for the military of the United States. I have no intentions of attacking South Korea or starting a war. I don't think I would do that.

Kim's letters were among the presidential records retrieved from Mar-a-Lago.

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