Following his team's loss, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel told reporters that quarterback Tua Tagovailoa had a concussion and nothing more serious than that. If he thought Tua was in danger, he wouldn't have played him.

After entering concussion protocols in the first quarter against Buffalo, Tagovailoa was diagnosed with a back injury and was able to return to the game. B.S., who earned his doctorate in Behavioral Neuroscience from Boston University School of Medicine, immediately called Nowinski, noting that Tua was showing five concussion signs before staring down Buffalo's defense again. According to Nowinski, Tua was rolling the dice with his health by playing. Tua was thrown to the ground by Cincinnati's Josh Tupou.

According to Nowinski, he has had two concussions in four days, which can be career-ending. With three concussions in a season, his future is in doubt. He won't be back on the field this season because he knows what I've been through and how promising he is. The Dolphins made a big mistake. Tua is the person that is going to be punished.

Chris Nowinski speaking on concussion before Congress.

After suffering two concussions within a month while performing for the World Wrestling Federation, Chris Nowinski became a prominent voice for the effects of head injuries and the brain disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy. He didn't tell the truth about concussions in the past. He has never been the same since his promising in-ring career came to a halt. No one has told him why he developed a sleep disorder, why he got nauseous while working out, or why he has headaches. There are signs that his professional wrestling head injuries are the reason. At 24 Nowinski retired. That is related to Tagovailoa's age.

It takes at least a week and usually multiple weeks or months for your brain to return to normal, according to Nowinski. If you have an energy crisis before your brain has a chance to recover, you will take brain cells that are still alive and kill them. Permanent brain damage is a topic we are discussing. Chronic symptoms could prevent him from being able to play, that's what that could mean.

The thoroughness of the NFL's concussion protocols has come into question due to Tagovailoa returning in Sunday's game and playing again Thursday night. Tua had his head hit against the turf and went limp five days after getting rattled against Buffalo. One of the biggest stories of the season is the transparency of what went wrong in the league. A scenario where Tagovailoa's health gets prioritized causes Miami to go from one of two perfect teams to clouded in doubt. Tua was reported to be in good spirits after flying back with the team after being released from the hospital.

Nowinski doesn't understand why Miami would risk his career if they didn't like him. Money can't compensate for brain damage. We need to understand that reality. I don't care if the Dolphins are fined by the league or not. No one will ever do this again with another human being, and the punishment should be huge.

It took a few hours for Tua to be carted off, escort to a local hospital, medical evaluation, discharge, and convoy to return the Dolphins to Miami. Air pressure over 30,000 feet and bouts of turbulence are just some of the things that can happen on a plane. It was dangerous to sit in the cabin for takeoff with no sleep.

Some people find that flying makes their symptoms worse. If you can, make sure you are well rested before you go on a plane.

After a full night of rest, having a team official drive Tua from Cincinnati to Miami would have been safer. The Dolphins don't play again until October 9th against the Jets.

The National Football League Players Association insisted on certain rules to avoid a situation like this. We will make referrals against the doctors and the team that is obligated to keep our players safe.

Experts were trying to help the public figure out how to treat traumatic head injuries at the forum. Information on how serious concussions are is one of the factors.

The Miami Dolphins and the NFL are giving us the platform to remind people their brain is fragile, brain injuries can have permanent consequences, and we both need to do what we can to prevent them.

In order to improve the NFL's concussion testing and protocols, Nowinski doesn't advocate for any automatic medical suspension after head injuries out of fear of increased incentives to not report concussions. He thinks the focus of the league should be on training team doctors more efficiently and creating a culture where they're not too cautious. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supports the phrase "when in doubt, sit them out", according to Nowinski. The Party told you to ignore the evidence of your eyes and ears. Their final command was their most important. Throwing Tagovailoa back into the fire on Thursday was a terrible idea.