KD wants to 'move past' offseason drama (0:45)

Kevin wants to move past his trade request. There is a time and a place for this.

3:30 PM ET

Kevin was consumed by his trade request and his future with the organization during the off-season.

Is it possible to move on past that? The player said after the practice. I am aware of the story. I understand that it took up a lot of time, but I didn't miss a game or practice and I'm still here. Hopefully, we can get past that.

In June, Kevin asked for a trade and Steve Nash and Sean Marks were let go. After pulling back his request in August, he still believes in the future of the Nets. After Nash said that he didn't believe all the reports that came out this summer, he was asked if he thought there were any misrepresentations.

"There's a lot of s--- that wasn't accurate." I don't want to go through it at the moment. Right now, we don't have that much time.

During the summer, he spoke to Nets owner Joe Tsai and felt more confident in the direction the organization was going. During Monday's media day, KD said he wanted players to be held more accountable.

He said he was upset. They agreed with some of the things I was upset about. We talked about it for a few months and then we talked about it at the end. We talked about how we can be better. I'm glad I'm here now because it just worked out.

As one of the biggest superstars in the game, Durant knows he could have pushed harder to leave, even though both Marks and Tsai said they wouldn't give him away. He decided to remain in Brooklyn.

"I thought we had a good team," he said. I feel like this is the place I want to be. In the future, we wanted to be a solid team. This was still a great option for me. I wanted it to not affect the games being played. I adore my teammates. It's still a great place to play in.

Even though I had some doubts, I decided to come back and play because I love hooping. I still want to come in here and get a job, so I just looked at that.

After a summer full of discontent, the Nets can find a way to work things out.

"When you look at the whole picture, we haven't been well for two years." Major guys missed minutes, not just role players, but guys that make a lot of money. When you get $50 million dollars on your bench this last playoffs with Joe and Ben, and then the playoffs before that, I want to see what our team looks like. We have a bit of continuity. We're going to see what happens.