The prototype of the long-awaited humanoid robot is expected to be unveiled on Friday night, and investors are hoping it will be more than the flailing dancer in a robot suit.

The company is giving an update on all sorts of advanced tech, including the Optimus robot. The video of robot hands in the shape of a heart was teased byTesla. It is the most detailed depiction of theTeslaBot to date.

—Tesla (@Tesla) September 30, 2022

Musk has given some information about the robot's design, capabilities, and importance to the company.

It's designed for manual labor

Musk said at the last artificial intelligence day that the robot will take over dangerous, boring and repetitive tasks from humans. Musk said that physical work will be a choice.

The robot will be 125 pounds and walk at 5 mph. The "human-level hands" of the screen will be able to deadlift 150 pounds. In the company's car factories, one of the first applications will be.

It will be 'friendly' and definitely not dystopian

Musk says that theTeslaBot won't be smart or strong enough to stand up against the humans. Musk said at the day that you can run away from it and destroy it. You never know if that doesn't happen.

During an interview in April, Musk said that his company will include safety features that will make sure this doesn't become a dystopia.

It will use Tesla's automated driving tech

Musk said that it makes sense to put neural networks and hardware for self-driving technology into a humanoid.

In order to see the environment around it, it will use cameras in its head and a computer in its car.

Musk sees it as Tesla's most important work

The robot project is the most important product development this year, according to Musk. He believes that it could change the nature of the US economy.

What is the economic situation? At the foundation it's labor. He asked what would happen when there is no shortage of labor.

Consumers will be able to buy one someday

TheTeslaBot will be available to consumers in less than 10 years according to Musk. It will be able to take care of elderly family members and do household chores. It will cost less than a car when it is widely available, according to Musk.

A grain of salt

Musk is adding to the pile of projects that have yet to see the light of day.

The $200,000 sports car that was supposed to launch in 2020 has been delayed. The Cybertruck, a pickup truck that was supposed to be the next big thing but hasn't come to fruition. In the past, Musk has said that he would soon be able to drive his car.

It's hard to know when to take Musk's statements seriously. Soon, we will learn more about his ambitions.