The United States on Friday imposed sanctions on more than 1,000 people and firms connected to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, including the governor of the Central Bank and members of the Security Council.

Hundreds of members of Russia's legislature and leaders of the country's financial and military infrastructure were named by the Treasury Department. More than 900 people were added to the State Department's visa restriction list.

President Joe Biden made a point of saying that the actions of Putin have no legitimacy. The new financial penalties will impose costs on people and companies inside and outside of Russia that support illegal attempts to change the status of Ukrainian territory.

He said he would sign legislation that would provide an additional $12 billion to support Ukraine.

The EU and the U.S. are increasing the intensity of their sanctions after Russia said it would send 300,000 more troops to join the invasion of Ukraine.

Putin said that Russia would protect the absorbed regions as part of its own territory.

The Treasury Secretary said that they would not stand by as Putin tried to annex parts of Ukraine.

Today, the Treasury Department and the U.S. government are taking action to further weaken Russia's military industrial complex and undermine its ability to wage its illegal war.