The edit button, a long-awaited feature that will let users edit their tweets after they're posted, could be ready for release.

The first-ever edited tweet was posted by the micro-blogging site.

Tweet may have been deleted

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The test is to make sure the edit button works. If you click on that portion of the tweet, you will see the original one which was just a shorter version of the above sentence.

Twitter history

Once the feature is out, we bet people will click on Edit History a lot. Credit: Twitter

The edit button will be being tested. The company said that it was happening and that it would be fine.

For 30 minutes after it's been published, users will only be able to make changes to it, and they will only be able to do it a few times. All users will be able to see past versions of the tweets, so it's not for hiding stuff which you shouldn't have posted in the first place.

The account of the premium service will be the first to get the new feature. There is still no word on when the edit button will be available, but the fact that it is being tested suggests it will happen soon.