Intele Travel says it will make half a billion dollars in sales in 2022, making it a record year.

James Ferrara told delegates at the start of the Intele Travel UK conference that the previous record year had been in 2011.

He hailed the performance of the UK agents, saying they were driving the sales success, with notable growth in group bookings, and more consumers recognising the benefits of having a personal relationship with an agent.

In the US, UK, Mexico and Caribbean, Intele Travel has a network of more than 70,000 home-based agents. There are more than 11,000 agents in the UK.

The trade show and conference will take place in the city's Assembly Buildings.

Traina and Handley-Hughes will speak to the delegates.

It is hosted and sponsored by Tourism Ireland.

There will be a reception at the games of thrones studio tour and a dinner at the city hall

The event is sponsored by Virgin voyages.