What is the best role for Ben Simmons on the Nets? (2:04)

Ramona Shelburne is positive about the future of Ben Simmons. There is a time and a place for it.

1:59 PM ET

"Anything's possible" for new teammate Ben Simmons now that the talented swingman has "peace around him", according to Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving. Simmons will fit in quickly to the framework of the team according to Irving.

"Anything is possible with that level of talent, intelligence and motivation," Irving said. We have to slowly develop him where he knows he can go out there and be himself. He needs to be able to accomplish things on the floor that he wasn't able to do in the past. Have a good time being at peace with him.

I am a point guard, lead guard, whatever you want to call my position. He has to get up and down the floor after getting off the ball. It's going to take time for health-wise, but we're patient, so just wait for him to look like he's in All-Star form again.

The Philadelphia 76ers traded Simmons before the February trade deadline. He sat out the first half of last season due to mental health issues and was not able to play for the Nets after the deal was completed because of ongoing back issues. The Nets believe he is going to have a big year because he appears to be in a better physical and mental place.

Irving believes Simmons will be able to play at a high level again because his mind should be at ease in Brooklyn.

Irving said it meant everything. They come in with a sense of security. They like to play the game of basketball. It's a profession, I don't want to say it's not serious, but you have to be balanced mentally, spiritually, emotionally and be able to deal with things like that. I don't want to make mental health a fad.

It is one of the most important things that you need to do in order to be a great person. We all support each other and we can meet him where he is at and have him enjoy the game. He doesn't want it to feel like it's something he has to deal with. So I'm happy.

The Nets want to make Simmons feel at home. Nash said after Wednesday's practice that he did not care if Simmons took jump shots with the Nets.

Nash does not need him to shoot it. I don't want him to shoot it. I will not pull him out of the game if he wants to shoot it. Ben is an incredible player, he plays point guard, he is a good screener, and that is what we need from him.

Simmons has no limitations in training camp, according to Nash. Nash isn't sure who will play in Monday's preseason opener against the 76ers, but he is confident that Simmons won't have a minutes limit to start the season.

Nash thought he looked great. He is playing well. He is going back to his best. I don't think Ben needs to shoot the ball. I don't He doesn't take any jump shots. There are other ways to deal with that. It's not important to me that he has so many things to compliment our group. That's not the case. He doesn't bring anything to the table for us.

Patty Mills believes that Simmons is in a better place than he has been recently.

Mills said that with the amount of stuff an individual can go through, he doesn't know if it will ever be clear, but he knows that his mindset is in a really good place. He's looking forward to being back on the floor. A different kind of energy is brought to the team by another presence on the floor. He's the kind of player that makes his teammates better.

That is a good feeling to know. I think from a mindset standpoint, moving on and getting excited about new things, I think he likes where he is.