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You need to pack your bags.

In the morning of the draft, Ja'Marr Chase received a message from Joe Burrow. One of college football's most potent combinations happened during the LSU season. A reunion in Cincinnati might be Chase's future after he received a text from Burrow on draft day.

When he saw the text, Chase said, "OK, I'm ready." It paid off for Cincinnati. Chase had a record-breaking year, with 81 catches for 1,455 yards and 13 touchdown. Chase was named the best offensive player in the league. The connection between the two helped push the team to the verge of winning the first Super Bowl in franchise history.

There are other quarterback-receiver combinations who went from being college teammates to playing in the league. They will face two of their former college rivals when they host the Miami Dolphins. It's Amazon Prime Video.

Alabama wide receiver Jaylen Waddle and his former college quarterback Tua Tagovailoa are back together. They're two of six teams that have reacquainted their quarterbacks with their college teammates in the hopes of replicating the chemistry they had before they became professional athletes.

The results seem to be paying off for Cincinnati, Miami and other teams that have made similar moves in the past.


QB Joe Burrow and WR Ja'Marr Chase

Together with LSU, they had over two thousand yards and over twenty touchdown.

Stats together with Bengals, 2021-22: 100 receptions, 1,641 yards, 15 TDs

It wasn't the moment Chase realized he was a special quarterback.

Ahead of the LSU Tigers' game against the Florida Gators in October, Burrow asked Chase to watch film with him. The opposing defensive backs plotted an attack on Saturday as they were pointed out by Burrow. Chase had seven catches for 127 yards and two touchdown

The team was one of the best in recent history. LSU won the national title that year. Chase finished with 1,780 yards and 20 touchdown catches and was the nation's top receiver.

The instructions from Burrow were easy to understand when Chase first arrived at LSU.

Chase said that he was told to throw it up to him if he saw one-on-one. He believes I'm a great receiver and that I can make plays, that's what it said. I made the play and let him believe that I can do it.

When the pair came back in the pros, that belief stayed the same. One year after drafting Burrow with the No. 1 overall pick, they took Chase with the 5th pick. It was once again a special connection. The Associated Press named Chase the offensive rookies of the year after he set a Cincinnati record for most receiving yards.

In a Week 17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, that on-field connection was demonstrated.

On a crucial third-and-27, Burrow found Chase for a 30-yard reception. It worked for the same reason when they were at LSU.

"Everyone knows the meme, 'Eff it, Ja'Marr's down there somewhere,'" he said. Ben Baby said he was going to throw it to him.

It didn't take long for Marquise Brown and Kyler Murray to re-establish their chemistry in Arizona, connecting on 14 passes for 140 yards in Week 3. Justin Ford/Getty Images

QB Kyler Murray and WR Marquise 'Hollywood' Brown

Together with Oklahoma, they had 77 catches, 1,450 yards and 11 scores.

Stats together with Cardinals, 2022: 23 receptions, 249 yards, 1 TD

Murray and Brown forged their relationship behind closed doors in the year before they became one of college football's most dynamic duos.

Both of them were backups for the Oklahoma Sooners that year. They formed a friendship over the course of the season and are rekindling their relationship five years later.

The show they put on was the start of the next two years.

Jordan Thomas is a former Oklahoma defensive back. I would prefer to play our starting offense versus our scout team.

Murray has a good relationship with Brown.

The flashes are there. I think it will be a good combination as the season goes on.

If a quarterback and receiver work together in college, it usually has a chance to continue their chemistry on the next level.

Murray and Brown are capable of being that type of talent. Both were selected in the first round.

Murray and Brown worked out together during the off season. They were throwing together when Brown was traded to the Cards.

"Just knowing him on a personal level, just knowing the person like who they really are, just helps you on the field because I know how he thinks, I know how he's wired, and sometimes it clicks for people."

It clicked with me and Kyler on the first day.

In his third game with Murray, Brown had a career-high 14 catches for a career-best 140 yards.

QB Jalen Hurts and WR DeVonta Smith

7 catches, 125 yards, one touchdown with Alabama.

Stats together with Eagles, 2021-22: 79 receptions, 1,165 yards, 6 TDs

The unspectacular lifestyles of Hurts and Smith helped forge their initial bond.

When Smith visited the Alabama campus, Hurts was his host. Smith said that they didn't do nothing. I returned to my room. We didn't hangout or anything like that. We're just the type of guys. We want to stay. We don't want to say anything to anyone.

Jalen Hurts and DeVonta Smith connected on eight passes for 169 yards and a touchdown in Sunday's win over the Commanders. Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire

Both of them are focused on business. The other was always willing to meet up to get more reps. When it came to their approach to their crafts, they were like minded.

Hurts said that he draws towards a man who is willing to put the work in. I built a relationship with DeVonta because he was willing to work. We were about the grind and didn't like to party a lot, but we would hang out with our friends. One of the guys I remember being willing to do that was Minkah Fitzpatrick. We were able to build a great relationship because of our work ethic.

During Smith's freshman and sophomore years at Alabama, Hurts and Smith shared the field with some of the best players in the country. During their time in Tuscaloosa, Smith and Hurts connected for 12 reception, 207 yards and two touchdown.

When Smith first arrived to the Eagles practice facility in April 2021, Hurts was there to greet him, just like he did at Tuscaloosa. They went crazy and took in a game before calling it quits.

QB Trevor Lawrence and RB Travis Etienne

71 catches, 811 yards, 7TDs were recorded by the two teams in the 20th century.

Stats together with Jaguars, 2022: 8 receptions, 81 yards, 0 TDs

Lawrence and Etienne have been friends for five years.

They share things with one another. There are memories Some secrets may be present. Hand towels.

It's easy to explain.

He said that he wore his towel in the back while he wore his towel in the front. I couldn't wipe my hands on my towel after the first quarter because it was wet. He keeps his towel clean because he needs to dry his hands. He is here. I don't use his.

Travis Etienne and Trevor Lawrence won a national championship together at Clemson and were first-round picks of the Jaguars in 2021. AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

The beginning of that happened when Lawrence arrived at the school. During a game or practice, Etienne could reach over to Lawrence and clean his towel. When the Jacksonville Jags drafted the pair in the first round in 2021, it became an inside joke. He missed his first season with an injured foot.

It's not surprising that Lawrence and Etienne got along so well, because they are similar people, according to South Florida coach Jeff Scott.

Scott said that they love football. There wasn't much of a distraction off the field. They are all about the right thing. They had great communication and you could see it on the field and off.

There was a professional relationship between them at the college level. They had a higher level of maturity than most guys at that point in their college careers.

He wore his towel out of the back of his pants for a bit of flair. He had to help keep his hands dry. Lawrence said it doesn't bother him. Michael DiRocco said he had to switch out his towel more frequently.

QB Derek Carr and WR Davante Adams

There were 233 reception, 3,037 yards, and 39 touchdown catches by the two teams.

Stats together with Raiders, 2021: 17 receptions, 189 yards, 3 TDs

Adams made a beeline to then-Fresno State coach Pat Hill after the first four routes.

Why are we taking him out of the picture? The new guy was asked by Carr. Are we doing anything?

The college QB-WR combo is doing well in football.

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Carr said that Adams might have been a better basketball player but he was already better than any other receiver on the team. In California's Central Valley, the two became fast friends and as their chemistry grew, so did their success. Adams caught 24 of Carr's 50 touchdown passes. Carr and Adams were both drafted by the Raiders in the first round.

Adams said that they lived down the street from each other for the first six years of their football careers. We were throwing three times a week for a long time. When the Raiders moved to Las Vegas from Oakland, they took about two years to pick up where they left off.

Then a bit. They showed their chemistry after the trade that brought Adams to Las Vegas. In their first game as teammates, Carr targeted Adams 17 times and he had ten catches for 141 yards and a touchdown.

Both of us are obsessed with our craft. Adams said that he messed up at the end of practice. I want to do it the same way we did it before. If he didn't like a ball he threw, he'd have me stand in the spot that I would have been catching the ball, and then he'd fire it until he liked how he threw it.

It's easier to get back and jelling the way you were before if you have two guys that have worked together before.

The lockers are next to each other.

QB Tua Tagovailoa and WR Jaylen Waddle

48 catches, 798 yards, 7TDs were recorded with Alabama.

Stats together with Dolphins, 2021-22: 91 receptions, 1,100 yards, 9 TDs

While at Alabama, Tagovailoa and Waddle won a national championship and lost one.

They might not have been as close as the other duos, but that didn't stop the Dolphins from bringing them back together.

Between their last game at Alabama and their first with the Dolphins, Tagovailoa noticed a growth in Waddle.

According to Tagovailoa, his biggest improvement is his communication. In college, Jaylen spoke up, but now you can see him. He's out there on the sideline telling me why he's running this route. I'm expecting the ball here because of this and that. I'm being told to do this.

It's more telling, and it's not asking.

They were able to get back together in the NFL. The team's leading receiver last season was Laquon Waddle, who set an NFL rookies record for reception with 104. During their win over the Ravens in Week 2, both players set career highs for yards and touchdown.

They tend to downplay their success in the NFL having a lot to do with their relationship at Alabama. Tagovailoa trusts Waddle in a certain way.

Tagovailoa told his teammates "it's either us or them" during their game-winning drive, according to Waddle.

Waddle said that the game got him going.

After Tagovailoa spoke to the team, he and Waddle connected for the winning touchdown.