According to Germany's Federal Network Agency, Germans have been consuming too much natural gas. The government is proposing a price cap that could make gas more affordable.

Last week's total gas use was 14.5% higher than the average for the entire year. Klaus Mller is the president of the Federal Network Agency.

It will be hard to avoid a gas shortage in winter without significant savings in the private sector.

Reduction of 20% in consumption is needed to avoid a gas shortage. Savings must also be made when temperatures fall and that is not a sure-fire success, according to Mller.

The warning came as Germany continued to store gas at a high level. Europe has been forced to scramble for supplies due to the weaponization of energy by Russia.

The Chancellor of Germany said there would be a price cap on natural gas.

Lower prices could make it harder for people to save gas.

Up to 200 billion euros will be provided by the German government for an economic difference shield.