PornHub's 13 million followers were left sad, lonely, and horny after it was banned from the photo sharing site. The well-known provider of butt and boobs was optimistic that it would be restored. Pornhub's suspension has been exiling from Meta's garden ofinfluencers for good.

A Meta spokesman said that the account had been permanently disabled for violating the company's policy.

It had accumulated a history of warnings and suspensions when it was over 10 years old. The adult entertainment platform believed that the suspension would be temporary.

PornHub said in a statement that its account had been temporarily disabled many times in the past due to the overly cautious censoring of the adult industry, but it had always bounced back. Many adult performers have had to contend with such suspensions regardless of whether or not they actually violate the terms of service, according to PornHub.

Pornhub won't be back this time, according to the statement from the social media site.

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PornHub responded to the ban in an open letter shared on the official account of the adult website, accusing it of hypocrisy. It said that the actual content posted on sex workers' accounts does not violate any of the platform's policies.

Pornhub wrote that they demand thatInstagram end discrimination against those in the adult industry. "This means giving full transparency and clear explanations for any suspended or banned accounts, ending shadow banning practices, and immediately reinstating all accounts that have not violated any of the terms and policies."

The letter was signed by many people in the pornography industry, including adult entertainers' trade group Free Speech Coalition, sex workers' union Adult Performance Artists Guild, and well-known actors.

When contacted by Mashable, PornHub declined to comment further.

Mainstream brands and celebrity accounts often feature nudity and overt sexuality with no repercussions.

Two weeks ago, KimKardashian uploaded a picture of her "fully exposed ass" on her social media accounts. The nude close-ups of buttocks are not allowed under Meta's nudity policy.

The lack of censure for such posts does at least give the appearance of equal treatment on the face of it. It's not unusual for celebrities' posts to be taken down due to policy violations such as "uncovered female nipples."

It's not clear what content Pornhub posted to prompt its removal from the photo sharing site. It doesn't seem likely to get any better for the adult industry.