Hotel rates and rents in Georgia are going up because of a surge of Russians fleeing their country.

According to data from the European Union, at least 200,000 Russians have left the country since Putin ordered a partial military deployment for the war in Ukraine.

Russian men, some with families in tow, have been heading to countries with visa-free entry for Russians by car, bicycle or foot, with long lines forming at the land borders, according to the Associated Press.

Hotel rates and home rents have gone up due to the influx of Russians. Increased tensions with locals have been caused by the increased prices in some places.

It's not the first time Russians have fled the regime. Insider reported in March that many highly educated professionals have left Russia.

Rents in Georgia and Armenia have gone up due to Russians, Ukrainians, and other people escaping from war and oppression. Tenants have faced evictions because they have not been able to pay additional rents, the publication reported.

It's not just the cost of living. The price of a private jet ticket out of Russia can be as high as $27,000. Plane tickets out of Russia are selling out quickly.

The European Union has banned Russian flights from its airspace, but Russian travelers can still enter the bloc viaFinland.