The production of 1,000 airliners is a goal of the Russian government, according to a state-owned tech firm.

The strategy on self-reliance in the aviation industry is a departure from the situation before the start of the Ukraine war, where planes purchased from Western giants were mostly used by Russians.

The country's reliance on tech imports has been affected by the sanctions against Russia.

The conglomerate said it wants to replace imported parts with local ones. "From this year, we don't depend on international cooperation with Western countries," she said

The foreign aircraft will leave the fleet. We believe that the process is irreversible and the planes won't be delivered to Russia.

Russia could be in for years of decline in technology development due to the sanctions according to a former high-level finance ministry and central bank official.

Vyugin was a deputy finance minister and deputy governor at the Bank of Russia. He retired from the exchange.

Russia has been trying to counter the sanctions by substituting Western imports with those from other countries. Success has been limited according to analysts at Bruegel.

Few high-tech products can function without inputs from the European Union or the United States, according to analysts. The global network can't be replicated by a single economy.

Russian state-owned carrier Aeroflot is stripping spare parts from working aircraft because of sanctions.

Insider's request for comment was not immediately responded to by the company.