The two companies are teaming up to build a network of EV charging stations in the US. As the rental car company recently announced plans to purchase a total of over 300,000 EV fromTesla, Polestar, and GM, the initiative should help support their growing fleet of EV vehicles.

The two companies haven't said how many charging stations they will build, how long it will take, or how much money they will commit to the project. We know that the oil giant is working with the rental car company to build out a network of fast-charging hubs for EV drivers.

According to a report from CNBC, the deal builds on an initiative that involved the installation of charging stations at 25 of the busiest airports in the world. According to CNBC, the company plans to have 3,000 EV charging stations by the end of next year, and has already installed them at 500 locations. According to a report from CNN, the company may apply for $7.5 million in federal funding. This is in line with the goal of establishing charging networks by the company.

Some drivers are hesitant to purchase an electric car because of the lack of charging stations. The current placement of EV charging stations in the US isn't "equitable nor convenient for many low-income communities and neighborhoods of color" Some EV owners have to contend with broken or malfunctioning charging stations.

All of this could change in the near future. President Joe Biden approved $900 million in funding for 35 states to build EV charging stations along 53,000 miles of highway as part of the infrastructure bill. Biden wants to build half a million charging points in the US by the year 2030.