I am cautiously excited that Four Seasons is entering the cruise business.

Basics of Four Seasons Yachts

The first vessel is expected to be delivered in the late 20th century. There is one confirmed order, plus the option for two additional vessels, in an order that is estimated to be around 1.2 billion dollars.

Four Seasons Yacht rendering

The Four Seasons vessel has some basic information.

  • It will be 207 meters (679 feet) long and 27 meters (89 feet) wide, and it will feature 14 decks
  • The vessel will feature just 95 accommodations, in an all-suite layout
  • Accommodations will be a minimum of 54 square meters (581 square feet) including indoor and outdoor space, and 60% of the vessel’s inventory will be in excess of 76 square meters (818 square feet)
  • Rooms will have a minimum ceiling height of 2.4 meters (7.9 feet)
  • There will be a “Funnel Suite” that’s 892 square meters (9,601 square feet) spanning four floors, which will feature a private wading pool, and a dedicated private spa area
  • Four Seasons claims that the ship will offer nearly 50% more living space per guest than what’s currently available in the industry
Four Seasons Yacht rendering

The dining concept is described here.

The vessel’s restaurants, lounges and bar concepts will celebrate the excellence and creativity that has been the hallmark of Four Seasons history of culinary innovation and attention to guest preferences. A perfect cappuccino in the lobby, a Mediterranean-inspired lunch, a dinner tasting at the sushi bar or a glass of champagne on the breathtaking terrace – guests will never be far from a perfect bite always paired with remarkable sea views, renowned intuitive service, and much more.  

Four Seasons Yacht rendering

Christian Clerc is the president of Four Seasons.

“Four Seasons Yachts represents the next chapter of our long history of industry leading innovation, and a milestone moment for our company as we continue to capitalize on new opportunities to extend the world of Four Seasons. True vision rests in the ability to imagine the possibilities while always remaining loyal to one’s values. Our vision for this new venture does exactly that. Together with our partners at Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings LTD, we are creating something extraordinary that combines their expertise with what Four Seasons does best – delivering unmatched quality and excellence, surrounded by beautiful acts of service and love for our guests.”

Four Seasons Yachts looks kind of exciting

I have always been interested in taking a luxury cruise when our son is a bit older, since it seems like an easy vacation. There are a few thoughts with that.

If there is a brand that I trust to maintain its standards in all endeavors, it is Four Seasons. The company isn't willing to compromise on the fact that Four Seasons has the most consistently excellent customer service of any hotel group It will be good if Four Seasons puts its name on it.

Four Seasons Yacht rendering

It is amazing how big this ship is and how few rooms it has. The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is a luxury cruise line. The 190 meter ship will have 149 rooms, while the 207 meter ship will have 95 rooms. That's a big difference.

I hope that Four Seasons makes these itineraries interesting. If you want to see places that aren't on a Western Caribbean or Western Europe itinerary, you should look at itineraries to places likeIceland and Greenland.

I want to know what the pricing will be on these ships. I think there are limits to what can be charged for a cruise since very high-end cruises aren't something that many would consider. Four Seasons has a private jet that it uses for air cruises, but this is going after a different market.

When will these cruises actually start? The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection has been delayed for a long time. I have more faith in Four Seasons than Ritz-Carlton.

Four Seasons Yacht rendering

Bottom line

The introduction of Four Seasons Yachts in the late 20th century will allow Four Seasons to enter the luxury cruise business. It seems like this ship will be in a league of its own when it comes to its size, as it has so few rooms.

I am curious to learn more about this concept in the future, as the details are limited at the moment.

What do you think of the concept of a yacht?