According to Meta, the official account for PornHub has been permanently removed for violating policies.

According to Meta, PornHub has violated its terms of service regarding nudity, adult content, and sexual solicitation over the past 10 years. The account told the New York Post that it had violated rules against sexual solicitation by encouraging users to leave the platform and visit porn sites. Meta says the adult entertainment company violated guidelines.

In response, PornHub published an open letter on the social media site, calling the move unfair and pressing Meta to explain why their account and that of other adult content creators are frequently removed. Activist groups, performers, models, and pornographers signed a letter.

A screenshot of Pornhub’s open letter on Twitter.
A screenshot of Pornhub’s open letter on Twitter.

PornHub claims that the policies of the platform have been hypocritical over the years. PornHub says that these actions have hurt the livelihoods of an already marginalized group of independent creators who rely on social media.

PornHub compared its account to that of KimKardashian, who recently had a picture of her rear end published on her account.

PornHub said that denying them an ability to promote their brands and grow their businesses is violent and profoundly damaging. It is dangerous and threatening to our livelihoods due to the regular financial discrimination faced by those in the adult industry.

Three weeks ago, the company thought the account would be back to normal.

The news comes as MindGeek, the parent company of PornHub, faces accusations that it isn't doing enough to moderate content.

In the past, my role in moderation was to protect the company, not the victims of illegal porn. Between jokes, I removed those videos.

Mastercard and Visa stopped doing business with the company after they were accused of featuring many videos of rape. A $600 million class action suit was filed against MindGeek, accusing the company of hosting videos of children being sexually abused.