• If you're going for an untraditional tree this Christmas, try a blue Christmas tree.
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  • Depending on the shade (and there are many), a blue Christmas tree can add elegance and sophistication or fun and whimsy to your space.
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  • Here are 10 blue Christmas trees you can buy online this year, some costing just $13.59.
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Trying to buck the traditional green Christmas tree is easier than you might expect. There are a ton of colorful trees you can buy online and one of our favorites is blue.

Depending on the shade, blue Christmas trees can add elegance and sophistication or whimsy to your space. But one thing is certain - it's way more fun and unique than another green tree.

And there's a surprisingly wide selection of blue trees online in a range of heights, styles, and prices - some even as low as $13.59.

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