China Airlines, based in Taiwan, signed a multi-billion dollar deal with Boeing. We have more information about what we can expect after Boeing announced that the deal has been completed.

China Airlines replacing Airbus A330s with Boeing 787s

China Airlines has ordered a plane from Boeing. The order for 16 787-9s was placed by the airline. There is an option to convert this order to the higher capacity but shorter range version of the plane.

The 16 Boeing 787-9s will be used by China Airlines to replace its A330-300s. The wide body jets that China Airlines uses for short and medium haul flights are an average of 14 years old, and will be 17 years old by the time the new Boeing 787-9s start arriving.

While the Boeing 787-9 has the range to operate long haul flights, the airline doesn't intend to use the planes that way, so I'd expect that the planes will feature a regional configuration

EVA Air is the second Taiwanese airline to order the Boeing 787-9s and 787-9s.

China Airlines uses Airbus A350s for long haul flights

How the Boeing 787 fits into China Airlines’ fleet

In the last few years, China Airlines has undergone fleet modernization.

  • The airline has replaced its Airbus A340s and Boeing 747s with Airbus A350-900s and Boeing 777-300ERs
  • The airline is currently replacing its Boeing 737-800s with Airbus A321neos
  • Now the airline will replace its Airbus A330-300s with Boeing 787-9s
China Airlines recently started taking delivery of A321neos

China Airlines has a nice addition to their fleet, the Boeing 787-9. I find it odd when airlines order both Boeing and A350s. There are benefits to having more of a single aircraft type.

Since different parts of the fleet are being replaced, these decisions are often made independently, and I assume there were some advantages to going with Boeing.

Bottom line

China Airlines has ordered 16 Boeing 787-9s, which will be delivered in 25 years. The planes will be used to replace the existing A330-300s. China Airlines is a pleasant airline to fly with, and it is nice to see it finishing its fleet modernization project.

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