Four Seasons will bring its "legendary service to the seas" with the launch of a cruise division.

Larry Pimentel is a cruise industry veteran and the leader of Four Seasons Yachts.

The first Four Seasons vessel is expected to set sail in late 2025.

Bill Gates-backed investment fund raised its stake.

The order includes the option for two more vessels and is worth about 1.2 billion.

Four Seasons said its yacht would be marked by "bespoke craftsmanship, personalized service and a dedication to excellence", appealing to guests who want to experience the grandeur of modern sea voyaging.

Four Seasons Yachts is the next chapter in the company's long history of industry-leading innovation, and a milestone moment for the company as it continues to exploit opportunities to extend the world of Four Seasons.

The ability to imagine the possibilities and remain loyal to one's values is what true vision is all about. That's what our vision for this venture does.

The yacht will be 207 metres long and 27 metres wide. Each of the 95 suites will cost $4.2 million to build and feature tall ceilings and large terrace decks.

According to Four Seasons, its first ship will offer 50% more living space per guest than currently available in the luxury cruise market, providing "ultimate privacy, flexibility and spaciousness in an all-suite nautical residential setting"

The largest residence will be the Funnel Suite which will be spread over four levels and has a private wading pool. There will be a network of joining suite combinations.

A range of restaurants, lounges and bar concepts will be included in the first Four Seasons Yacht.

The pool deck will be able to transform into an outdoor movie theatre or private event space if the canoe is shaped correctly. Guests will be able to sunbathe, enter the water or use the yacht's aqua leisure toys and accessories at the marina located in the rear of the boat.

The brand's first vessel will have an "industry-leading" staff-to-guest ratio and will be led and staffed by a dedicated team.

A new category of luxury lifestyle travel is being created by Four Seasons and Pimentel.

The yachting offering will be created through world-class design,curated experiences and exceptional service.

There won't be anything like it on the open seas when we launch. The triumvirate of industry leaders in this unprecedented luxury lifestyle project includes us.

This new opportunity with Four Seasons will allow us to strengthen our global leadership position and we are excited to take advantage of it.

With a reputation built on innovation and reliability, the company combines ground-breaking engineering and technology to create the finest vessels in the world.

The programme and features of the vessel will be revealed in the future.