Ahead of the hardware launch event, we are seeing images of some upcoming products on the web. The leaked images include an alleged Amazon Fire TV, a new Kindle with a stylus, and a possible look at the Echo Auto 2.

According to one leaker, Amazon will release a new device called the " Scribe" that will allow users to take notes directly on the screen using a supported stylus, making the device useful for more than just reading. Users can access a note-taking interface that allows them to erase text, as well as redo anything they have just written, according to the images shared by SnoopyTech.

The device has a big display with a resolution of 300ppi. The device would come about two weeks after the company released a new version of the Kindle with a 300ppi screen.

In addition to the new Fire TV cube, which serves as an all-in-one smart speaker and Fire TV streaming device, as well as a voice remote that lets you control your TV, SnoopyTech also offered a possible glimpse at a new voice remote that lets you control your TV. It wouldn't be much of a surprise if Amazon launched another version of the device.

The images of the rear of the device show the ports that can be used. The new Amazon Fire TV could support Amazon's cloud gaming service.

Dave Zatz of ZaztNotFunny shared pictures of the second generation of the auto device that puts Amazon's voice assistant in your car. The images seem to show that users can vertically mount the auto on their dashboard.

We won't have to wait a long time to find out if these rumors are true because the event takes place at 12PM.