Hurricane Ian is expected to make its way towards Florida this week, as Tucker Carlson shared his skepticism about hurricanes.

The host implied that hurricanes are a scam.

Ian, which knocked out power to Cuba, is expected to hit Florida's west coast late Wednesday.

People are kind of onto the scam of hurricanes prior to the segment on Ian, according to Carlson.

Carlson said that hurricanes are just a staple of TV and everyone is on the scam.

There is a large Hurricane barreling towards the Gulf Coast of Florida.

His remarks can be watched below.

Carlson isn't the first conservative to ask about hurricanes.

Carlson admitted at the time that there was a serious storm on the way to Florida that was caused by Hurricane Matthew.

The media used hurricanes to increase the sales of water and batteries, according to Rush.

One person joked that big weather is making hurricanes.

Yet again proving his viewers are… not that sharp. Every hurricane that has made landfall in the last 20 years has caused immense damage and I’m sure has been covered by the very network they’re watching now.

— They were Eric’s docs! (@jagh0) September 28, 2022

As a resident of Louisiana, I hope he tells us which hurricanes that have hit us were real and which were scams. I have trouble telling them apart.

— Stu Lewis (@BigTunaStu) September 28, 2022

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