Michael Fanone, a former D.C. Metropolitan Police officer, was emotional on CNN Tuesday after an incident during the sentencing of a Capitol rioter.

Kyle Young, an Iowa man who was part of the pro- Trump mob that attacked Fanone, was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Fanone had a heart attack after he was attacked. Five years before he could retire with a pension, he quit the police force.

Fanone told Young that he hoped he suffered.

Fanone was called a "piece of shit" by an insurrection supporter in the courtroom.

Don Lemon praised Fanone for putting "what's right" before politics and not getting a pension for it as he introduced the interview on CNN.

When he heard about what happened in the courtroom, Lemon was angry.

Fanone was at a loss for words at one point.

There are a lot of different reasons why people support Donald Trump, Fanone said.

He apologized to Don. I'm there, man.

Fanone said it was hard to focus on the bigger picture when you knew what happened was not an isolated incident. My new reality has become my new reality. Every day is my life.

He said he was trying to put everything behind him, but still gets death threats.

Fanone spoke out against former President Donald Trump and his supporters over the riot. Since leaving the police force, he has joined CNN as a contributor.

He has been the target of many threats. He shared a phone call in which a stranger told him that the world would be a better place if he were hit by a bus.

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