The Senate voted Tuesday to advance a stop-gap spending package that would avoid a government shutdown Friday and keep the federal government funded until December.

Senators Consider Vote On Continuing Resolution To Fund Government

Manchin left the U.S. Capitol after a cloture vote.

Getty Images

The Senate still needs to hold a vote on the final version of the legislation before federal funding ends on Friday.

Along with providing necessary funds to keep federal government operations up and running until December 16, the bill provides more than $12 billion for Ukraine aid, in addition to the $54 billion already pledged by lawmakers.

Funding for financial assistance to help Americans afford increasing energy costs, pledge $20 million in disaster relief for victims of the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, and help cover the costs of resettling refugees from Afghanistan would be included.

The bill needs to be passed by the Senate and the House before the government shuts down.

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An energy proposal backed by Manchin almost caused the vote to fail. The senator from West Virginia wanted to speed up the process for approving oil, gas, solar and wind projects. It was negotiated to help win Manchin's support for the Inflation Reduction Act, a Democratic-backed climate, health care and tax bill that passed last month, but it didn't get enough support from Republicans. Manchin asked to remove the provision from the package.

The Senate takes a crucial vote to advance government funding.

The Senate is going to vote on a funding bill.

The spending bill survived the senate test.