The National Guard officer from Joint Base Cape Cod thought the bus was carrying migrants because of a sign on the side of the bus.

The off-duty officer who recorded his pursuit of the bus on Facebook Live thought the bus was part of the effort to bring migrants who crossed the U.S. border to Florida. On the live stream video, he praised DeSantis.

The pursuit went for 10 or more miles from the vicinity of the BourneRotary to the Admiralty Inn & Suites, frightening the passengers.

The owner of Mikes Limousine, a transportation company that provides buses for tour groups, said that a verbal altercation took place when the bus reached the hotel.

Lt. Col, Christopher Hoffman of the Massachusetts Army National Guard at Joint Base Cape Cod holds uses his phone to video his exchanges with the driver of a tour bus and passengers on Sept. 19 in the parking lot of the Admiralty Inn & Suites in East Falmouth. He suspected the bus was carrying migrants who crossed the southern border of the U.S.
Lt. Col, Christopher Hoffman of the Massachusetts Army National Guard at Joint Base Cape Cod holds uses his phone to video his exchanges with the driver of a tour bus and passengers on Sept. 19 in the parking lot of the Admiralty Inn & Suites in East Falmouth. He suspected the bus was carrying migrants who crossed the southern border of the U.S.

There were immigrants on the bus. He was completely incorrect.

After about 50 South American migrants were sent to Martha's Vineyard without their knowledge, Hoffman pursued the bus. A temporary shelter was set up at the direction of the governor after the migrants were moved to Joint Base Cape Cod.

Lawyers for Civil Rights explain a lawsuit.

The Times tried to get in touch with him on his phone. A phone message could not be accepted in his voice mailbox. He didn't reply to the text.

Hoffman 'wouldn't leave me'

During the chase, the truck had its high beams on. He was five feet off my bumper.

The pickup truck was not able to pass on Route 28.

Vaughn said that he harassed them to death. Everyone was afraid to death.

A video that was shared with the Times shows a man driving and the bus ahead of him. According to the video, the bus can be seen changing lanes, but when it did, Hoffman did the same thing. Police say that the video has been removed from his page.

Cape Cod offers what a sanctuary city means. There is information here.

A group of senior citizens from Memphis, Tennessee, were on a tour. After the bus pulled into the parking lot at the Admiralty Inn & Suites, the driver got out of his truck and filmed the bus with his phone.

Falmouth police called to scene of the altercation between Hoffman, tourists

A person associated with the bus tour called the police. No charges have been filed against the pickup truck driver as of Tuesday morning, according to the lieutenant.

According to information from the Massachusetts National Guard, the man who works full-time for the Guard is a veteran of Afghanistan. He is at a military base. His job title is listed on his profile.

The commander of the Massachusetts Army National Guard said that the soldier's conduct was not in line with military values. We are currently working to make sure our service member is evaluated and receives any services he may need, while also reviewing appropriateDisciplinary actions. There is no further information at this time.

Lt. Col. Christopher Hoffman boarded a tour bus with tourists from Memphis, Tennessee, uninvited and got into a heated exchange with the passengers on Sept. 19. Hoffman eventually apologized and left the bus.

In a video recording from his Facebook live, he filmed himself following the bus on Route 28.

He looked at the thing. There is a city in Florida. There is a bus load. This is something to look at. I'm following it from start to finish. You're going to have the border at your place.

In the video, he appeared to say that he saw the bus.

Migrants at Joint Base Cape Cod are trying to decide where to go.

He said he would follow it over the bridge. I was supposed to turn it off and go back to my house.

In the Facebook Live video, he expressed frustration about trying to bring someone from Afghanistan to the US.

"I can't even get into the country because I have an Afghan," saidHoffman. In 2005 and 2010 he aided us.

'These are senior citizens on the bus

After both vehicles arrived at the parking lot of the Admiralty Inn & Suites, Vaughn said he got out of the bus and confrontedHoffman, who appeared to be filming the bus using his phone "These are old senior citizens" he said. You will cause a heart attack.

There is a video that was made in the parking lot that shows a confrontation between the two men. The Times shared the video with them on the condition that it not be published and that the person who shared it not be named.

The migrants are on their way to Martha's Vineyard. They said something.

"You're interfering with my tour," he said.

He wanted to see what was happening.

"You don't have to know what's going on," he said.

"As a US citizen, I have the right to see what's happening," he said.

The tour bus was filled with older people.

"If it's 80 years old, I'll leave," he said. What's going on on Martha's Vineyard?

He boarded the bus at one point. He was walking up on the bus without anyone knowing. The passengers started yelling at him.

The older black women were on his a--.

'I served in Afghanistan'

"I served in Afghanistan and I'm trying to get an Afghan, and I can't get him into the country," he said in the video. Don't tell me you don't know what's going on.

The bus didn't contain migrants, as an angry response from passengers showed.

"I apologize," said the man. I didn't like you. I would like to apologize.

People need to feel safe, that's why the support team is there.

After leaving the bus, he met the police.

He was asked if he had been drinking by a police officer. "No," said the man.

The report was written by an officer of the police department. Christopher Bartolomei said that he might have been suffering from a mental health problem.

He didn't look at me when he looked at me.

He tried to control the conversation and talk about trying to get someone from Afghanistan to the US. The report said that the way he talked made it sound like he was connected to the migrants.

The man told police what had happened after calming down. He said he was driving and saw the bus on the road. He started following the bus because he thought it was more of a group of people from Florida. He followed the bus. He talked about a friend that he couldn't get over from Afghanistan and he was angry that the migrants were not his friend. He was very passionate about this.

Out of desperation, they came to Martha's Vineyard.

The police report talks about the video. I told him that he was on Facebook Live and that he needed to take it down. I told him I had no idea how to do that. He was able to figure it out and take it off.

The video that was shared with the Times was copied before it was removed from his Facebook page.

The ambulance tookHoffman away and his truck was towed.

At the turn of events, he was surprised. He said it's crazy. I drive a bus and have never been followed.

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