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In response to the international conflict, Musk has promised to use Starlink in the area.

He promised that Starlink would be made available to the people of Iran, who have been protesting the death of a young woman. Civilian internet access has been restricted by the Iranian government in order to quell the unrest. Musk's internet service could be a way to circumvent those limits.

The billionaire responded to the Secretary of State who had commented on the US decision to support internet freedom in Iran.

The outsourcing of internet services to the people of Iran is a good idea at the moment. It looks like Musk's promise to get Starlink up and running isn't going to happen.

The satellites have been "activated" for Iranian use according to a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Potential Starlink users need physical terminals and paid subscriptions in order to actually use the service.

The Iranian government has made it impossible for Iranians to log into Starlink's website in order to purchase an account. Terminals would have to be smuggled into the country.

During the early days of the Russian invasion, several Starlink terminals were delivered to Ukraine. According to Sadjadpour, it doesn't seem like it's taking the initiative this time.

If anyone can get terminals into Iran, they will work, according to Musk.

The Iranian state could use UN corridors to pursue legal grievances against Musk and his company.

The country's still-weak economy makes it difficult for people to get a terminal and a subscription to Musk's internet service.

Don't let the fact that access is activated confuse you. The internet is mostly impossible to access due to the protests and the fact that many have died. It's not likely that Starlink will give any relief.

Protests in Iran will not be affected by Starlink.

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