Phil Mickelson hopes LIV, PGA Tour can 'come together' (1:05)

Phil Lefty wants the PGA Tour to work with the Saudi-backed series for the benefit of the sport. Affirmative.

10:58 AM ET

According to a notice of voluntary dismissal filed Tuesday, Phil Mickelson and three other golf players were asked to be dismissed from the antitrust lawsuit.

The lawsuit accuses the PGA Tour of suspending them for playing in golf tournaments and using its monopoly power to squash competition.

The six-time major champion told reporters at a golf event two weeks ago that he was considering removing himself from the lawsuit. He said the same thing following the proceedings.

"I am focused on moving forward and am extremely happy being a part of LIV, while also grateful for my time on the Tour." I am happy that the players on Tour are benefiting from the changes recently implemented. The players' rights will be protected, and I no longer feel it is necessary for me to be involved in the proceedings.

LIV Golf can and will represent the best interests of its players according to Poulter.

"I'm very happy to be a part of LIV," he said. With LIV's involvement in these important issues, I have decided to abandon my involvement in this matter. I have faith that the legal case will be successful.

The four other players who were involved in the lawsuit are no longer involved.

Three people remain in the case, along with a golf club.

Jonathan Grella said in a statement that nothing has changed. The merits of the case will be tested in court. We're looking forward to that. To be successful, we no longer need a wide array of players to be on the suit. We will press our case against the anti-competitive behavior of the tour.

LIV Golf has been fighting with the PGA Tour for the best players in the world. He was one of the first players to sign with LIV, which is funded by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund and fronted by Greg Norman.

Professional golf players are independent contractors who should be able to play wherever they want, according to the golfer.

"I think it's important for players to be able to play when and where they want and when and where they're qualified for," said the golfer. If and when the lawsuit is successful, that will be accomplished.

More than two dozen members were suspended for competing in golf tournaments without conflicting event releases. Lefty said that the competing tours needed to figure out how to coexist.

It won't be the case again. "Liva Golf is here to stay," he said.

We need to come together. The history of the game that the PGA Tour provides has a need in the world of professional golf. A lot of younger people are attracted to the updated feel of LIV. The inclusion of LIV Golf in the golf world is needed because both are good for the game of golf. We all start working together after that. It's going to be good for everyone.