A few years ago, there was a feature in the app that was similar to a photo messaging app. The brand is shifting to a video-first approach in order to compete against TikTok.

A feature that is eerily close to BeReal is being tested byInstagram. We will discuss what this could mean for marketers.

Is Instagram Becoming a BeReal Copycat?

Here is a quick recap of Be Real.

The social media app has been around for a few years, but it took off this year. Users of the app are encouraged to be more authentic and remove the filters.

At random times throughout the day, the app will prompt users to take a photo in their current environment, using a dual camera feature. They can't take a picture from the camera.

You can see your friends posts at the same time once you share.

The ad reads, "No filters." No one like it. There was no follower. No fighting. There were no advertisements. It's just your friends.

The shade toward the photo-sharing site isn't subtle but it reflects a critique many users have made.

Change.org has a petition with over 300,000 signatures.

The BeReal-like feature is one of the things that has been tested by the social network. The platform allowed users to use both the front and back cameras.

in an apparent attempt to copy the popular app BeReal, Instagram is rolling out its own feature (called ‘Dual’) to take disappearing photos using the front and back cameras simultaneously

left is IG stories, right is BeReal pic.twitter.com/TuOeR3N0PE