I thought they looked silly when I first saw them in a video. I didn't think that hashtags was useful for other platforms. I didn't realize how useful the tags were until I clicked on a tag under a video.

Clicking on the # helped me find others. Users were able to find and engage with my own videos.

A simple but effective way to get more attention to your videos is through the use of #YouTube. There's everything marketers need to know about the video sharing site.

What are the terms used on the video sharing site?

Adding tags to a video is easy.

It's the best way to promote your video.

There are a lot of popular YouTubeHashtags.

There are tags for gaming videos.

There are tags for food videos.

There are tags for beauty and fashion videos.

There are tags for entertainment videos.

There are tags for educational videos.

The top videos on the internet.

What are YouTube hashtags?

The # symbol is preceded by some of the videos on the website. Users are able to find related videos sharing the same #. The use of a # gives creators the ability to categorize their videos with other content that uses the #. They can be used to conduct a search on the video sharing website.

Users and content creators benefit from the use of hashtags.

Today includes #Emmys, #Fashion, and #RedCarpet for its video "Fashion Hits and Misses from the 22nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards."

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Clicking on #Emmys will take you to a page with other videos using the same #.

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You can find and click through the other videos.

How to Add Hashtags to a YouTube Video

There are tags that can be added to a video. Just type the # symbol into the title or description and you're good to go. The popular hashtags will be suggested by YouTube based on what you wrote. If you want to promote your video with others using the same hashtags, choose a recommended one or create one of your own.

A results page with other videos sharing the # will be linked to when you use the #.

Best YouTube Hashtags for Your Video

Your video's content will determine the best YouTube hashtags. If your video features a celebrity, you can use their name as a #. If your video is part of an ongoing series on your channel, you can include the title of the series on your channel.

The First We Feast uses the phrases #Hotones, #Lizzo, and #SeanEvans. Sean Evans is the host of Hot Ones and Lizzo is the celebrity being interviewed.

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Clicking on #Hotones in the video will take the viewer to a page showing other videos in the web series, which is great for the channel.

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It's a good idea to use slogans that match your niche for your videos. If you're a fashion YouTuber, then you should use #fashion, #outfit ideas, or #styleinspo. If your videos are funny, use the #comedy, #lol, or #comedyskit.

Look up videos of other creators in your area to see what tags they are using. If you want to see what other popular words and phrases come up, you can use the search bar. TubeBuddy has a feature that allows creators to find keywords and phrases that can be used to amplify their content on the video sharing site.

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You don't want to use a lot of hashtags in your videos. The less relevant your video becomes, the more you use the #tags. Don't try to use more than three hashtags in a video. Your video may be removed from your uploads or search results if you have more than 60 hashtags.

If you're using misleading or irrelevant terms, your video may be taken down. The success of your video won't be determined by all of the trends in the internet. It's not relevant to your video if you see a hashtags that's not related to your video.

Popular YouTube Hashtags

There are some popular phrases for different things on the internet.

Hashtags for Gaming Videos




That's gaming.

Game play.

The video gamer.

This is a game review.


You can watch the live stream.

The game commentary.

Hashtags for Food Videos




Tasty recipes.

It's not nice.

The food is healthy.

A healthy dinner.


There are recipes.

Home made cooking.

Hashtags for Beauty and Fashion Videos


Skin care.

It's fashion.

Prepare with me.

There are fashion trends.



Out of shape of the day.

This is a makeup video.

Makeup hacks.

Hashtags for Entertainment Videos

It's funny.


That's alright.




Comic books.


Hashtags for Educational Videos




Fun facts.






A video essay.

Top YouTube Hashtags

These are some of the top phrases that can be used to amplify a video.

This is a video

You can subscribe to the #YouTubers

It's #Viral.

If you subscribe, you'll get an email with a link to subscribe.

It's a video.

Check out the music on this site.

There is a channel on the internet.

There are videos on the site.

There are short videos on the internet.

The creator of the video.

The right audience for your videos will be found through the use of YouTube hashtags. Don't over-tag your content by using relevant hashtags. If you remember the rules, you'll be able to use the internet's most popular video sharing site.

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The story was originally published on September 27.