Many people were surprised by the innovative integration of software functions with the pill-shaped cutout at the top of the screen in Apple's new iPhone 14 Pro models.

A kind of front-and-center information hub can be created by merging the Dynamic Island into one pill-shaped area that can accommodate different types of notifications.

What if Dynamic Island distracts you when you're trying to focus on something else on your phone?

There is currently no way to completely remove Dynamic Island content as it is baked into the software. If you're distracted by its animations, you can dismiss them by moving to the other side of the Dynamic Island.

If you dismiss the audio and artwork in Dynamic Island, the music in Apple Music will play in the background. When you dismiss a timer, it will still count in the background even if you don't see it anymore.

If you want to get rid of one or both, use the same gesture on the larger segment to make it disappear. The activity that extends across the pill must be swiped across in the same manner.

Dynamic Island will return the pill-shape to its previous state if you dismiss all activity.