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United States Communications

It was posted by msmash from the moving forward dept.

The Federal Communications Commission approved a long-delayed proposal to crack down on spam texts Friday night after Axios asked agency members why it hadn't moved on the issue. From a report: The number of spam text messages -- which can include links or other tricks designed to steal money or personal information -- has exploded, with the volume now exceeding that of robocalls.The proposal, which passed on a 4-0 vote, seeks comment on requiring cellphone companies to block texts from numbers known to be illegal or fraudulent. It had been awaiting a vote at the FCC for nearly a year.

It can take months for the FCC to write final rules after reviewing feedback on the proposal. The FCC wants to know if carriers should use third-party analytic providers to inform blocking efforts, and if the agency should push the wireless industry to make it harder for people to make phone calls. The American people are fed up with scam texts, and we need to use every tool we have to do something about it, according to the chairwoman.

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