4 Important Qualities Defense Lawyers Want From Clients

Facing a charge of driving under the influence or some form of impaired driving is not something you have to deal with alone. There are lawyers who will accept your case and defend you. While there are certainly qualities you want in a lawyer, those who offer this types of services also have some expectations of their clients. Here are some examples of what you should be prepared to bring to the effort of preparing the defence. Providing Full Disclosure This is the single most important thing you can do if you are serious about cooperating with your legal counsel. In order for a Toronto criminal lawyer to fully explore all possible options for a defence, the legal counsel must know all there is to know about what took place. That means you hold nothing back as you discuss the series of events that led up to the arrest and what happened after you were escorted to the nearest police station. Perhaps you find a few details to be personally embarrassing. Maybe you think there are details that are not really all that important and won’t make a difference. Those are not reasons to keep those details from your lawyer. Lawyers have seen and heard it all. What may seem a little awkward to you is likely something will not even raise the lawyer’s eyebrow. Something that you really see no point in sharing could be a detail that makes a difference in your defence. Tell everything to the lawyer and let your legal counsel decide if it’s relevant or not. Doing so will mean your lawyer won’t hear something important for the first time when the two of you are in court. Listening to the Answers to Your Questions While there may be specific answers to questions that you want to hear, the answers the lawyer provides may be different. Don’t stop listening just because the answer is not the one you hoped. Your lawyer is providing responses based on current laws and legal precedents. Pay close attention and it will be all the easier to prepare yourself for whatever is to come. Accept That Your Lawyer Cannot Guarantee an Outcome There are people who believe lawyers can wave their hands and achieve any outcome that is desired. Remember that lawyers must operate within the scope of the law. Depending on the specifics of your charges and other relevant factors, some of the outcomes you want may be impossible. Your lawyer will help you understand what could come to pass and not provide you with false hopes. That’s really the kindest thing that the legal counsel can do. Being Open to More Than One Approach to the Defence The specifics of your case may indicate more than one approach to the defence is possible. This will lead to your legal counsel going over every possible strategy, including the pros and cons associated with each. Don't set yourself on one course of action early on in the discussions an insist that is the only option. Be open to exploring every possibility and then determine with your lawyer how to pursue the case. You have legal rights, but it takes someone who practices criminal law to ensure those rights are fully protected. When you are arrested, contact Mass Tsang Barrie DUI lawyers as quickly as possible. Place yourself in their hands, tell them everything about what took place, and cooperate to the fullest. Doing so increases the odds for the best possible outcome.

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