Meta is testing a new way to add and switch between your accounts on social media. The features should make it easier for people who bounce between multiple accounts on the two apps to keep their Online Brand separate.

You can use the account switcher to see all the accounts and profiles you have added to the accounts center. If you need to do something on that app, you'll be able to jump over to Facebook with the new system. The switcher will show you if there are comments or other notifications to check out on your other accounts.

The new switcher is being tested on a variety of phones, including the web version of the photo sharing app. The company wouldn't say how many people have access to the update, but it will continue to expand in availability in the coming months.

Meta is testing a new account and profile creation flow that will make it easier to set up new accounts and profiles if you already use Facebook or another photo sharing service.

For its virtual reality hardware, Meta created an overarching "Meta account" that you can attach your social media profiles to. The same philosophy of being able to have all your Meta accounts and profiles live in one place is what these tests are trying to achieve.

The availability of the new switcher was added by Meta.