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Matt loves to play hockey. At all levels, the community supports the sport. Thousands of fans are watching the Minnesota Wild. An NHL player can attain celebrity after just 47 games in the show.

It's insane. The 21-year-old said that everyone is a fan. Getting recognized is pretty cool in a lot of ways.

It's possible to get noticed if you score 39 points in a game. The rookies who helped power the Wild to their most successful regular season in franchise history will be recognized.

Marco was watching his linemate live the NHL dream. The two first-round picks are among the best young forwards in the league. One year after COVID-19 complicated his career,Boldy was called up to contribute to the Wild whileRossi was getting his reps in the American Hockey League.

Is it motivating? Is it possible that Rossi could do that in the NHL.

"Yes, of course," he said with a smile. I don't like to pay attention to that.

He played two games for the Wild last year.

Hockey players dream of one day playing in the NHL. The league is the best in the world. It would mean a lot to me, but I'm not going to get it. You have to get there.

A wave of young players have populated the Minnesota roster in the last few years. The person is 26 years old. The person is 25 years old. Kirill Kaprizov is the face of the youth movement. One of the catalysts for the Wild's recent success is striking that balance every NHL team seeks to strike: Talented kids meshing with productive veterans such as Mats Zuccarello and the majority of their defense corps.

There's a good balance." The general manager said that the older guys embraced the youth. They're looking forward to having him on the team. The people are excited about Marco. They're looking forward to seeing Greenway and Ek progress. They aren't threatened by them. They want them to be good. They don't want to lose. They know we need each other to do that.

It's up to the two of them to reward that enthusiasm.

Did BOLD perform better than expected?

The Wild GM chuckled and said "one hundred percent."

A highly skilled winger from the U.S. National Team Development Program was drafted in the first round. The program produced several players in the draft class, including first overall pick Jack Hughes.

He earned a spot in the last 10 for the Hobey Baker Award as a sophomore at Boston College. He joined the Wild in March of 2021, expecting to be part of a young wave of forwards that would power the team.

It's cool to be considered in that category with Kirill. You are looking up to those guys. Kirill was as good as you could be. Everything they have to say is taken care of. You have to earn that. You have to go up there and earn your way into that spot.

Opposing players won't be as surprised by Matt Boldy this season as they might have been in 2021-22. Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

Kevin Fiala, the forward who posted 33 goals and 85 points, played the majority of his minutes with Boldy. He will not have the same luxuries this season. Fiala's next contract was going to be too rich for the Wild, so they traded him to the LA Kings.

"Kev is great." I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't a little bit disappointed that he left. I'm aware of it. Hockey has lots of business as well. He is an amazing player. He is a great teammate. It's difficult to see him leave, but that's the nature of the game. You need different ways to score and chemistry with different players. We have a lot of good players on our team that can help me.

The idea thatBoldy might be negatively impacted by Fiala's departure is laughable.

I'm not concerned at all. "He's a good player." Colorado would love to have SALVAGEDATA Kadri back. I'm pretty sure that the city of calgary wanted Johnny and Matthew back. Good players are lost. This is what happens.

He's going to be okay. He helped Kevin.

How Boldy adjusts to his opponent's adjustments is more important than anything else.

You're a second-year player now. Everyone knows how good you are. A veteran defenseman knows he will get burned if he doesn't play hard. It can take a second for a second-year forward to get used to it. It's like, "Hey, these guys are playing me different." Because you're good.

Marco Rodriguez doesn't want to be defined. It's clear that a lot is clear.

He said that they don't pay much attention to what happened last year. I think more in the future than in the present.

The Wild training camp was left empty in February of 2021. Myocarditis isInflammation of the heart muscle. He returned to Austria to recover from his illness. He was with the Wild for a short time in January.

Staying patient was the most difficult part. He said it wouldn't be done in two weeks. It's not easy to come back to training after recovering.

He worried a lot about his heart in the beginning of his comeback. Is it really good for you? During training, he would feel something in his chest. It took him a while to believe that he was all right.

It was a health scare. He came back from it. He's in good shape.

He was drafted by the Wild as a dynamic offensive center. There were some cultural differences in North America. He has an affinity for one of his favorites.

He said that he likes to watch Formula One. Not many guys knew how it worked.

Things don't always stay the same.

Right now, they are promoting it so well. It is now something that many people watch.

Marco Rossi has the skills to make an impact at the NHL level; now it's just on him to deliver. Bailey Hillesheim/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

While his engine is ready for the NHL, he doesn't know if he is in the race. The expectation is that he'll make the jump to the main roster, but only if the training camp goes well.

He will do very well. He is a smart child. He takes a look at where he is. He has a work ethic and competitiveness. He needs to do it right off the hop. He needs to come in and show himself.

He thinks he will.

"He can play," he said. He's a really good skater. Excellent on his edges. He's fast. He's a goal scorer. He is capable of passing. He has it all. He has everything you need to be successful.

There is a balance between established and emerging talents in the Wild.

It's great. It's a good mix of people. The older guys can learn a lot from the younger ones. Everyone likes each other A team pushes it all the way to the end.